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Propane Delivery in Greater Manchester, Vermont

Trust Dorr Oil for the Propane Gas You Need!

With more than 20 years of serving our neighbors in communities such as Bromley Mountain, Bennington and Cambridge, Dorr Oil brings the knowledge and experience that gives you peace of mind that your home will have the propane it needs to stay warm and comfortable through a wicked Vermont winter, and beyond.

Have you ever wondered why so many of your friends and neighbors love having propane in their homes? First, it’s because propane offers even and efficient heating. Propane also does a lot more than heat your home. It can heat your water, power appliances like ranges and clothes dryers and run outdoor appliances like pool and spa heaters, fire pits and patio heaters.

What’s also great about propane is that you can have that no matter where you reside. You don’t have to have to live in a community with natural gas lines to enjoy all propane has to offer. Your propane is stored right on your property, so you aren’t dependent on a utility.

The Dorr Oil Difference

Talk with our customers in your neighborhood and you’ll learn why they chose, and stay with, Dorr Oil for their propane delivery service!

We have a strong track record of providing reliable and safe propane delivery to homes and businesses. Our delivery drivers uphold our high standards for outstanding customer service.

Between automatic delivery and scheduled delivery, we make getting your propane easy. We also make managing your propane account easy with online bill payment and payment and pricing options that best match your needs, and your budget.

Our automatic delivery option makes getting your propane easy while also giving you peace of mind. Once you sign up for automatic delivery, your work is done. No more having to check your propane tank gauge levels, or having to call in schedule a propane delivery. We use software to estimate how much fuel you are likely to use based on your past bills, and factor in the current weather (measured in “degree days”) to estimate when you will need a delivery. No more worry over run-outs!

Become a Dorr Oil customer and enjoy the benefits of reliable propane delivery!