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Propane Pricing and Payment Choices

Dorr Oil helps you manage your propane costs

Dorr Oil has been taking care of the fuel needs of Vermonters for more than 20 years. You’re not just our customers, but our neighbors, and we see in a way that no other propane provider can that you have individual needs when it comes to managing your propane costs.

With that knowledge, we’ve developed payment and pricing options that give you more control when it comes to your propane tank refill costs.

One way we make your life easier is with our website. Here, you can create an online Dorr Oil account. With your online account, you can pay your bill, schedule a propane delivery and more. And you can do it on your time, whether it’s regular business hours or 3 a.m.!

Budget Plan

With our Budget Plan, you spread your propane costs over 12 monthly payments. That lets you get a better handle on your monthly expenses, and doesn’t stick you with higher propane bills right after the holiday season.


Our AutoPay option deducts your monthly payment automatically from your credit card or checking account. You get peace of mind that your bill was paid on time. And you even save money by not having to use a stamp!


Take more control over your propane costs with Pre-buy. You lock in your price for the gallons of propane you want for the heating season. Regardless of any market fluctuations, your price for propane won’t change until your purchased amount is used up or after April 30, whichever comes first.

Contact Dorr Oil to learn more about our options for managing your propane costs!