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Propane Autogas for Commercial Fleets in Manchester, Bennington, and Nearby Communities in Southwest Vermont

We’ll keep your vehicles and commercial fleets fueled all year long.

If you manage your business’s fleet vehicles and equipment, at times it can feel like most of your day is spent on making sure everything is fueled, and handling the logistics of just how to go about those fill-up’s in the first place.

Make your fueling to-do list shorter by fueling your fleet with propane autogas from Dorr Oil and Propane!

Why should I choose propane autogas for my business needs?

What makes propane autogas a great choice that more businesses, municipalities and school districts are turning to?

First, it’s makes good fiscal sense. Fleet vehicles run on autogas need less maintenance and have a longer engine life. Autogas is especially beneficial for school districts because autogas costs less per gallon than diesel or gasoline. Autogas school buses can last 30,000 more miles than school buses powered by diesel. Maintenance costs are reduced, and districts can also take advantage of rebates, incentives or grants to convert their bus fleet to propane.

Second, it’s better for the Vermont environment. Autogas creates much fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel engines. And in the rare event of a propane leak, there’s no environmental damage or costly clean-up. Propane simply dissipates into the air. It doesn’t harm the air, soil or water or aquatic or plant life.

School buses run on propane autogas reduce emissions of nitrous oxide by up to 95 percent compared with a diesel school bus.

What types of local businesses utilize propane autogas?

You’d be surprised at the diverse range of fleet vehicles that can run on propane autogas. That list includes:

  • Delivery vans
  • School buses
  • Commercial vans
  • Shuttle buses
  • Police cars
  • Pickup trucks
  • Moving vans
  • Charter buses
  • Food and beverage distribution trucks

Partner with Dorr Oil and Propane for your autogas supply needs.

Dorr Oil and Propane can help you gain all of these benefits and improve your bottom line.

First, we’ll work with you on converting your fleet to using propane autogas. Then we’ll help you set up a propane autogas fueling station at your business or bus lot, or provide scheduled on-site fleet fueling.

You’ll save time and money by your employees not having to stop work, find a filling station, fill up their tank and log their receipts. Your staff won’t have to spend time organizing those receipts or tracking fuel costs. Because we handle all of your fueling, you’ll have the control you need to keep your operations streamlined, and stress-free.

Get in touch with Dorr Oil and Propane today to get started on reaping the benefits of clean, efficient propane autogas for your commercial fleet.