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Propane Services in Manchester, Londonderry, Mt. Stratton, and Nearby Communities in Southwestern Vermont

Enjoy local, reliable propane deliveries at a great price.

More of your neighbors here in Southwestern Vermont and Eastern New York are turning to propane. Why? Because they have discovered the benefits of propane’s reliability and versatility!

Not only can propane keep your home warm and comfortable, it can do things both indoors and out that make the quality of life at your home even better. Ready to learn more about all the ways propane from Dorr Oil and Propane is a great choice for your home?

Did you know that propane has fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other fuel sources? And in the rare event of a propane leak, you won’t have to worry about environmental damage. Propane doesn’t harm water, air, soil or marine or plant life. In fact, Propane is named as a clean fuel under both the 1990 update of the Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy.

High-efficiency propane can keep you warm, and save you money, too!

Heating with propane is more energy-efficient than other heating fuels, so you can save money on your heating costs. But that’s not the only benefit propane provides for your bank account. Your heating equipment, such as furnaces, boilers and water heaters, last longer than oil-fired or electric-powered equipment, so you won’t be shelling out to replace or repair your equipment as often.

Also, propane appliances such as fireplaces and space heaters are about 40 to 60 percent less expensive to operate than appliances run by their electric counterparts.

How can propane improve the comfort of my home?

In so many ways, propane surpasses other fuel sources when it comes to making your home warm, safe and comfortable and your life easier. Here are some of the ways propane is tops:

  • Today’s propane furnaces and boilers reach efficiency ratings of 90 percent or higher. And they give off even, comfortable heating.
  • When you cook with a propane range, oven or cooktop, you get better results with your cooking thanks to precise, instant temperature control and even heating those electric-powered ranges, ovens and cooktops just can’t produce.
  • Propane clothes dryers lighten the load on laundry day because they get your laundry dry faster with fewer wrinkles.
  • Like a cozy fire in the fireplace, but not schlepping wood or dealing with ashes and soot? A propane fireplace and gas logs give you what you want with none of what you don’t with the flip of a switch!
  • Enjoy the great outdoors more—and longer—with propane grills, pool heaters, fire pits and patio heaters.
  • Propane whole-house backup generators keep your home safe and comfortable during power outages.

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We’re your neighbors. We understand your needs when it comes to having enough propane—and everything that goes with it—whether for your home or business.

That’s why we offer options like automatic propane delivery, which gives you peace of mind that we’ll get your propane to you before you run low.

We make managing your propane usage easy with pricing and payment options tailored to work with your budget. And on our website, you can manage your propane account, pay your bill, request a propane delivery and more!

Dorr Oil and Propane also installs quality propane tanks that are crafted to last for decades. And our top-notch service technicians install, maintain and repair propane appliances such as furnaces, boilers, water heaters, fireplaces and gas logs. Local businesses can fuel their vehicles and equipment with propane autogas from us, too!

From Salem to Stratton and everywhere in between, Dorr Oil and Propane is the propane company many of your neighbors know they can depend on. Join them and become a Dorr Oil and Propane customer, today.