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How To Change the Filter on Your Home Furnace

4 Easy Steps Can Save You Money and Improve Your Indoor Comfort

furnace filters vermontChanging the filter on your furnace is an easy way to keep your heating system running more efficiently—which helps to keep your fuel costs down. A dirty filter can restrict air flow, making your system work harder to heat your home—using more fuel as a result. The filter protects your heating equipment from dirt and dust, preventing problems that could lead to a breakdown—and an expensive repair. A clean filter will also help improve the air quality in your home, reducing dust and allergens.

If you have a service plan with us, our techs will check the filter as part of your annual maintenance, but you need to change the filter more than once a year. Monthly or every other month is best in the winter—and all year, if you have central A/C.

If you aren’t sure what type of filter or the size you need, just ask us! Some filters are even washable—check the manufacturer’s directions. Some of them you can be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher, others can be vacuumed.

Changing your furnace’s filter is easy, and not even messy if you do it regularly. Here’s how in 4 easy steps:

  1. Shut off the power to your furnace.
  2. Open the access panel and slide the filter out. If you need to pull, check for a locking mechanism, and disengage it. Disposable filters have a cardboard frame. If your filter has a metal or plastic frame, it is most likely washable.
  3. Replace the filter. Look for the arrow pointing to the direction of air flow and make sure your filter is facing the appropriate direction.
  4. Secure the filter rack and re-engage the locking mechanism. Turn on the power. That’s it. Good job!

The bottom line is that ignoring your filters can damage your furnace and shorten its lifespan. Additionally, the harder your furnace works, struggling to push that heat into your home, the more energy it uses. The more energy your furnace uses, the more it costs each month.

Our team of experienced pros is happy to answer your questions—and if you have been postponing, it’s never too late to schedule your tune-up. Contact us today and start enjoying cleaner air, and improved efficiency. Looking for a new fuel supplier this season? We supply heating oil, propane, and diesel fuel too. Give us a call to find out our prices, delivery times, programs and more.