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Heating Oil Tank Installations, Maintenance, and Repair Services in Southwestern Vermont

Let Dorr Oil and Propane take care of all your oil tank needs.

Home heating oil tanks usually aren’t given much thought. That is, unless, it’s time to go down to the basement or outside to check your heating oil level, so you know if you need to schedule a heating oil delivery. A task, by the way, you don’t have to do if you enroll in automatic heating oil delivery.

But, if your heating oil tank is leaking or failing, you have no choice but to think about it and then deal with repairs and cleanup.

Dorr Oil and Propane is here for you with more than 20 years of experience in safely and properly installing home heating oil tanks and providing oil tank service.

What are signs that my oil tank requires service or repair?

Often, you don’t notice that your heating oil tank is starting to fail because the failure begins inside your heating oil tank.

Condensation is the culprit. When there’s empty space inside your heating oil tank, water condensation forms on the walls in the empty space. The water drips off the walls and sinks to the bottom of the tank, where it helps create sediment that leads to corrosion. That corrosion is the cause of most oil tank leaks and failure.

Did you know? According to Vermont regulations, an un-inspected fuel oil tank CANNOT be filled after August 15, 2020. You must confirm that your fuel oil tank has been checked by a Vermont Certified Tank Inspector within the past three years. If your tank has not been inspected in that timeframe, make sure to schedule an appointment with us soon! Our certified team of service technicians can assure your tank is up to speed and ready for the seasons ahead.

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For more info, please read the information on the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association website.

But if you know what to look for, you can spot early signs that your aboveground heating oil tank needs repairs or possibly replacement.

  • Blistering in the paint on the underside of the tank.
  • Pinhole leaks.
  • Condensation on the outside of the tank that remains even after a heating oil delivery.

Need a new tank installed? Give Dorr a call!

First, we install only top-quality heating oil tanks built with anti-leak features to help them last for decades.

We will install your new heating oil tank safely and correctly. That combined with the quality of our heating oil tanks mean you get peace of mind that your heating oil tank won’t fail, and there won’t be any sludge clogging your home’s heating system.

Dorr Oil and Propane will make sure your new heating oil tank is installed right the first time. Contact us today to learn more.