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Kerosene and Diesel Fuels in Greater Manchester, Vermont

Fueling Businesses and Fleets with Diesel Fuel and Kerosene

Many of our neighbors here in communities like Bennington, Stratton and Granville know that Dorr Oil is a reliable provider of heating oil to area homes and businesses.

But what they — and you — may not know is that we provide that same reliability to delivering diesel fuels and kerosene, too.

Kerosene Fuel Delivery

Many folks may think kerosene went out of use decades ago. But a lot of our neighbors and local businesses still use it. And there’s a good reason: our weather.

The average low temperature in January here in Manchester is 10 degrees. And you know well that it can get much colder outside of town, and during cold snaps. Manchester’s record low is -28 degrees!

If you live or work in a mobile home, or in a home or building that has no basement, your heating fuel tank needs to be outdoors. Temperatures like those we get here create a big problem with No. 2 heating oil, which is the most common heating oil, when it’s stored outdoors. That problem is gelling, which is when heating oil thickens in the cold. Gelled heating oil can reduce or even block the flow of heating oil to your heating system. That could cause your heating system to shut down, leaving your home cold and you with emergency repairs (and the bills that go with those).

But kerosene doesn’t gel no matter how cold it gets. So it will always be able to heat your home or business. Customers also like kerosene because it can fuel stoves for cooking and lamps for lighting as well.

We’re Your Local Diesel Fuel Supplier

You’d be surprised how many businesses, institutions and municipalities depend on diesel fuels.

diesel delivery manchester vermont

Diesel fuels run vehicles and equipment, as well as generators that keep the power on. Here are just some of the businesses that use diesel nearby.

  • Hospitals
  • Construction companies
  • Agricultural industries
  • Schools
  • Landscapers
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Delivery companies
  • Food service companies
  • Nursing homes
  • Municipal public works departments

Dorr Oil has more than 20 years of experience providing fuels to locals businesses, with a stellar reputation to show. You know we can be counted on!

Join the family of Dorr Oil customers and get dependable delivery of diesel fuels and kerosene!