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Heating Oil Services in Greater Manchester, Vermont

Count on Dorr Oil for All Your Heating Oil Needs!

For more than 20 years, Dorr Oil has been the leader in providing heating oil delivery and service in Manchester and surrounding communities like Stratton Mountain, Northshire, Bennington and Salem.

How have we succeeded when so many other heating oil companies didn’t? By sticking with treating our customers as our neighbors, which is what you are! Everything we do every day is driven by these goals:

  • Provide reliable, safe delivery of heating oil, kerosene and commercial fuels
  • Give you courteous service
  • Respect your home and time by showing up when we say we will and getting the job done right the first time
  • Safely install quality heating oil tanks
  • Reward our customers with our Loyalty Rewards program, where you can earn points to redeem for a discount on a heating oil delivery, or service call
  • Provide pricing plans such as Pre-buy to lock in your heating oil price
  • Give you the option to control your heating costs with our Budget Plan, where your heating costs are spread out evenly over 10 monthly payments
  • Reward prompt payments with a discount
  • Offer special discounts for our veterans and first responders

Locally-based with Vermont Values

Because Dorr Oil is a locally operated business, we understand the needs of our heating oil customers in a way other heating oil providers can’t.

Vermonters like you are known for being thrifty. That’s why Dorr Oil’s heating oil prices are competitive and fair. You also are unique people with unique needs. That’s why our delivery, pricing and payment options are designed to meet what best serves you, and your budget.

Convenient Pricing & Payment Plans

Our Prebuy option gives you stability through the heating season when it comes to your heating oil price. You purchase your heating oil at a set price, and that price is locked in for that specific amount of heating oil no matter what happens in the oil markets.

Another way to gain more control over your heating oil costs is with our Budget Plan. You get to spread your heating oil costs evenly over 12 monthly payments. That helps you better manage your household spending. It also means you don’t get hit with higher bills in the winter just as you’re recovering from the holiday spending!

We Reward Customer Loyalty!

At Dorr Oil, we’re grateful for you, our customers. And we like to show our gratitude. That’s why we offer Loyalty Rewards for our automatic delivery customers. Here’s how it works:

  • Automatic delivery customers receive Loyalty Points, including Budget Plan and Prebuy customers on automatic delivery
  • You earn Loyalty Points on all deliveries you get while on automatic delivery
  • Customers receive 100 points for every gallon delivered
  • At 30,000 points, your points can be redeemed for $30 off your next delivery, or service call

Heating Oil Tank Services

heating oil tanks

If you’re building a new home and need a new heating oil tank, or if your current heating oil tank needs to be replaced, the professionals at Dorr Oil will get the job done right.

The heating oil tanks we install are top quality, with anti-leak features built-in so you can be assured they will last for decades to come.

Our skilled and experienced oil tank experts will install your heating oil tank safely and properly, so you have no worries about a tank failure or sludge getting into your home heating system, either.

Kerosene and Commercial Fuel Deliveries

With the frigid winters we get around the Manchester area, it’s no surprise that many of our neighbors are heating their homes with kerosene.

If your heating oil is stored outdoors, especially in an above-ground tank, plummeting temperatures can cause your heating oil to thicken. That’s called “gelling.” And if gelling occurs, the flow of heating oil to your heating system may be slowed or even blocked, which could cause your heating system to shut down.

But since kerosene doesn’t gel, you’ll get even and comfortable heating no matter what the temperature is outside. And not only is kerosene great for heating, you can use it for lighting kerosene lanterns and running a kerosene stove for cooking.

And if your business needs diesel fuels, Dorr Oil is also known for dependable delivery of diesel to run everything from trucks to equipment to generators.

Dorr Oil is the heating oil company you can trust to be there for you. Become a customer today!