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Do You Need a Heating Oil Tank Inspection?

heating tank inspectionHeating oil tanks aren’t that complicated, but they do need some attention if you want to avoid problems down the road.

In some cases, problems with an oil tank will be obvious, such as rust, broken leg brackets, warps, dents, and weeping or wet spots on the sides of the tank; if you see any of these signs, contact us for service to rule out and prevent more serious issues.

But even the most thorough visual inspection won’t reveal every problem your tank might have. In fact, most problems that you’ll encounter with an oil storage tank occur inside the tank, where condensation (water) is constantly at work corroding steel. You won’t see that kind of problem, but our inspectors will – which is why you should get regular oil tank inspections at least every other year.

Heating oil tank inspections: it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law

While it’s a good idea to get routine heating oil tank inspections under normal circumstances, it’s now more important than ever – at least if you want a heating oil delivery in Vermont. As of this summer, according to state law, you must confirm that your fuel oil tank has been checked by a Vermont Certified Tank Inspector within the past three years. If you can’t provide this proof, we cannot deliver your heating oil!

If you haven’t had a certified tank inspection within the last three years, contact us today to schedule one. We follow guidelines from the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) to make sure your family, property and investment are protected, and that your tank is up to speed and ready for the seasons ahead.

Need an heating oil tank inspection in Vermont? We can help. Contact Dorr Oil today for to schedule your heating oil tank service or heating oil delivery in central VT!