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Should You Upgrade to a Propane Fireplace?

fireplace options vermontWhile temperatures are currently still situated in the mid-seventies here in Southern Vermont, we all know that one thing is for certain: Winter is soon coming our way—and there is simply no way to avoid it!

Like it or not, we all know the feeling of waking up in the morning and realizing that it is cold outside. However, if you’re looking to keep your house warm and cozy for as long as possible throughout the season, one smart way to do that is by adding a propane-powered fireplace into your living space! These fireplaces are loved by many homeowners here in Vermont—and may be the perfect choice for your home as well.

Here, we’ll share three key reasons to upgrade to a propane-powered fireplace prior to the winter season this year.

Cost Comparison to Traditional and Alternative Fireplaces

Propane fireplaces are, on average, cheaper than those that use wood or other fuels over their shelf lives. The cost of propane is typically lower per unit, and the fuel lasts longer than that of wood, so you don’t have to refill your tank as often. Plus, there’s no need to repeatedly buy starter logs, pellets, nor go through the hassle and labor of chopping your own wood.

Additionally, supplemental heating options like space heaters, or those powered by electricity, tend to spike your energy rates at times of the year when utilities are typically at a higher price point per kilowatt hour (kWh).

Although there is an initial cost to upgrading to a propane fireplace, this will—over the lifespan of your unit—be easily paid for and then some as you utilize propane as your primary heat source for your gas logs or insert.

Full Control Over Your Warmth

With a propane fireplace, or a fireplace insert for your existing masonry wood-burning fireplace, you get ease and convenience. Thanks to today’s technology, you get a lot more!

The flames flicker and dance and look more like a real wood fire. But, unlike a wood fire, you can control the heat instantly. You can crank it up on a really cold day or turn it down, so you get just a bit of cozy warmth on a cool fall day. And you can program your temperature settings for specific times.

Some propane fireplace inserts come with blowers, so if you have an open concept living space or a large area to heat, the heated air is pushed to all parts of the room for even and comfortable heating no matter where you are in the room.

When you have a propane fireplace, you get an energy-efficient source of supplemental heat, which means your furnace or boiler won’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm.

Low Maintenance

Propane fireplaces are a great alternative to wood or gas fireplaces because they do not require nearly any maintenance. Many homeowners love them for this reason alone, but there is another big plus: You don’t have to worry about ash and other by-products of wood-burning, either.

Propane is clean-burning and odorless, so your home will stay fresh without the smoky smell that can take over when you burn wood. Another bonus? Your chimney doesn’t need cleaning! All you have to do with a propane fireplace is occasionally change the filter in the vent pipe once every year or two (depending on how often it’s used). This means more time for you to enjoy your new purchase instead of worrying about ongoing upkeep!

Specifically, ventless gas logs require no chimney, flue or vent pipe and are the cleanest, highest-efficiency product on the market.

Switch to a Propane Fireplace Today!

If you love the benefits of having a propane fireplace, take advantage of our propane fireplace installation services! Let our expert team—with decades of experience working with top, name brand manufacturers—help keep you warm this winter. Contact us to get started and see which of our available models best fits your home—and your budget—today!