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Boiler & Furnace Installations and Service in Manchester, Dorset, Stratton, and Nearby Southwestern Vermont

We’ll help keep your equipment running strong, all year long.

The average life expectancy of a boiler is about 15 years. Gas furnaces last up to 15 years, oil-fired furnaces have a life expectancy up to 25 years. If the heating system in your Vermont home is getting into these ranges, it’s time to think about upgrading to a new one. Why wait until it breaks down and you have to deal with emergency service and replacement?

By upgrading to a new furnace or boiler, you’ll get a lot of benefits, such as more reliable and even heating, greater energy efficiency that will help you save money from the start and peace of mind knowing that Dorr Oil and Propane is there to take care of it all year long.

The experienced and knowledgeable equipment professionals at Dorr Oil and Propane will help you choose the best quality boiler or furnace for your home, factoring in your home’s size including any additions or finished spaces since your old boiler or furnace was installed, your heating needs and your budget.

Our service technicians are prepared to handle:

  • Boiler installation, repair, and maintenance.
  • Furnace installation, repair, and maintenance.

If you need service, we’re on the job.

Installation is just the beginning of what Dorr Oil and Propane can do for you when it comes to your home’s furnace or boiler.

Our service technicians are there when you need us. First, they provide the annual tune-ups that help your boiler or furnace run at its highest efficiency, saving you money on energy costs. This tune-up also allows our service technicians to catch and repair problems before they get worse and cause breakdowns. Regular maintenance may also help keep the warranty on your furnace or boiler in effect.

When we say we’re there when you need us, we mean it. Dorr Oil offers emergency boiler and furnace repair 24/7, 365 days a year. If your heating system breaks down, we won’t leave you in the cold, even if it happens on Christmas!

Our Protection Plans cover parts, labor, and more!

We also offer service plans to make maintaining and repairing your furnace or boiler easier, and more affordable.

You can count on Dorr Oil for reliable, safe delivery of the heating oil and propane to run your boiler or furnace. We offer automatic delivery, and pricing and payment options.

Whether you live in Wells or Winhall, Dorr Oil and Propane will take care of your home heating needs. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get to work for you!