Equipment & Service

24-Hour Furnace and Boiler Service

It’s 2 a.m. in early January, and you awake to an ice-cold home. Or you step into your morning shower, to find there’s no hot water. We offer emergency 24-hour furnace and boiler service during the heating season, and will have a technician out to repair your heating system within a few hours – even on holidays.

24-Hour Propane System Repair Service

We offer 24-hour propane system repair service to your propane heating systems. Our technicians are local and full trained to respond to all types of heating system failures. Our technician will be dispatched and will arrive to your home within a few hours.

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Whether you need a repair, annual maintenance or upgrades we can handle that project! Our technicians are familiar with a wide variety of systems. Our drivers are experienced in delivering to both home and businesses, in all kinds of weather. We deliver #2 heating oil, kerosene, and propane.

Dorr Oil and Propane has a full service department with experienced, friendly technicians specializing in propane, oil and kerosene furnaces and boilers.


As the seasons change, it is important to keep your heating system in top condition. Scheduled tune-ups by one of our expert service technicians can insure that your heating system will work efficiently, which will help save money on energy bills. Replacing an old inefficient system with a modern Oilheat system can reduce heating bills by approximately 40%.

Our service technicians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If there is a problem in the middle of the night you can rely on our technicians to help trouble shoot and get your heating system back up and running.

Home heating oil tanks last a long time. They are made of high-grade steel, fiberglass, or sometimes double wall tanks of plastic and steel, and can last for decades. Maintenance of the tanks and inspections prolong the life of the tank. Dorr Oil Energy’s certified service technicians can provide advice on how to evaluate the tank, and replacement options.


  • Vacuuming and cleaning all heating surfaces within the furnace or boiler.
  • Examining the smoke pipe for rigidity, air-tightness and signs of deterioration. If a new pipe is needed, we replace it. If it is partially plugged, we clear it using a vacuum cleaner and make certain that the stack control is rigidly mounted.
  • Examining the chimney for plugging. If the chimney needs cleaning, we bring this to your attention.
  • Installing a new fuel oil filter and gasket.
  • Installing a new fuel oil pump strainer and gasket.
  • Inspecting the entire heating system and sealing any leaks found.
  • Removing the drawer of the gun-tube assembly from the oil burner and wiping it clean. At the same time, we clean the burner’s blower wheel and air inlet ports.
  • Replacing the burner’s atomizing nozzle.