Water Heaters in Manchester VT area

Trust Dorr Oil to keep you in hot water!

If you think Dorr Oil only does furnaces and boilers, think again!

We understand that water heaters are just as vital equipment in your Vermont home as your home heating system. It does so much beyond making sure you don’t have to take a cold shower. Water heaters provide your home with the hot water it needs to run the dishwasher, clean your laundry, wash cooking utensils and pots and pans in the kitchen sink, clean your home and more.

That’s why you should contact Dorr Oil when you need help with your water heater. We can do everything from water heater installation to water heater repair and water heater maintenance.

Is it time to replace your water heater?

Even if your water heater hasn’t failed, this is a good question to ask yourself. The average life expectancy of a water heater is between 8 and 12 years. If your water heater is in that age range or older, the clock is ticking. Because upgrading now saves you a lot of hassle and expense over waiting until your water heater is failing.

Another reason to think about upgrading is if your water heating needs have changed, like if you added a bathroom or a dishwasher. Maybe your kids have hit their teen years and are taking longer showers.

We offer water heater installation, maintenance and repairs all over our service area of southern Vermont and eastern New York including:

  • Northshire
  • Cambridge
  • Bennington
  • Salem
  • Stratton Mountain
  • Granville
  • Pawlet
  • Sunderland

Our experts can help you choose the right water heater that fits your home, your family’s hot water needs and your budget.

Whether you choose a conventional water heater with a tank or an energy-efficient tankless water heater, which gives you endless hot water on demand, the trained and experienced service technicians at Dorr Oil can not only install it, they can maintain it so it will run at its best efficiency for years to come. And if you do need repairs, we have 24/7 emergency repair service, 365 days a year.

Count on Dorr Oil for expert water heater installation, service and repairs. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can do for you!