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Why Skipping Annual Heating System Tune-up Will Cost You

skip hvac tune-up vermontBelieve it or not, we’ve passed the halfway point of fall 2020, and so far, it’s been a relatively mild one here in Vermont. However, we all know this will change considerably in short order! If you haven’t yet had your annual heating system tune-up yet, you might be tempted to skip it altogether.

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve heard all kinds of justifications for skipping routine furnace or boiler maintenance – some of which might seem sensible at first, but don’t pass muster upon further consideration.

Reasons People Skip Heating Maintenance

Here are four reasons we hear most often, and why they don’t really make sense in the end:

  • “I got a tune-up last year, and everything is working just fine.”
    There are two problems with this way of thinking: First, some signs of a heating system problem, such as a telltale imbalance of exhaust gases, can be difficult to spot without the right equipment and training.

    Second, skipping routine heating maintenance can void your equipment warranty – a problem you won’t see coming until the manufacturer won’t honor your coverage when a major repair issue arises.

  • “If I change my filters, I should be OK.”
    Yes, changing (or washing, depending on the model) your air filters regularly is a key to keeping your heating system running efficiently. But it takes a lot more than filter changes to keep your furnace in top condition.

    Today’s high-tech heating appliances are intricate machines that need regular professional attention from a qualified technician, especially after a long winter’s worth of wear and tear.

  • “It’s just not worth the money.”
    We realize that money is tight for many of us this year, but the truth is that skipping heating maintenance will actually cost you money – both in the long run and perhaps even now.

    For starters, you’ll lose about five percent (5%) efficiency every year you skip maintenance: in other words, heating maintenance basically pays for itself by preserving equipment efficiency. Routine maintenance will also help technicians spot and fix small problems that could turn into big, expensive problems if left untreated.

  • “I’ll fix my equipment if and when it breaks.”
    The problem here, again, is that you’ll end up spending a lot more for a repair than you will for maintenance. Also, keep in mind that a heating repair is most likely to happen when your furnace or boiler is under stress – that is, on the coldest days of the year.

    That’s also when everyone else’s equipment breaks down – which means you’ll probably be waiting in your cold house (or in a hotel room) for emergency service!

  • The Bottom Line

    Heating maintenance is a must-have for an investment as significant as a home heating system.

    Don’t gamble with your furnace or boiler – maintain it every year with a NATE-licensed, highly trained heating expert like the ones we have here at Dorr Oil and Propane. Our pros will work quickly, neatly and safely to get your heating system running at its best and most reliable for the New England winter.

    For heating maintenance in Manchester, VT, trust the pros at Dorr Oil. Contact us today to learn more.