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About Dorr Oil and Propane

Providing quality fuel delivery and heating system service for our Vermont neighbors.

For more than 20 years, Dorr Oil and Propane has been keeping thousands of homes in the Southwestern Vermont warm and comfortable. Over the years, we’ve expanded our business to include propane delivery as well as delivery of heating oil and kerosene because more of you want propane for cooking, water heating and more.

We understand the needs of our customers because you’re not just an account number in our computers; you’re our neighbors and our friends. We value your business and your trust, and every day our work is driven by keeping both.

What makes Dorr Oil and Propane the right choice for my home heating needs?

Because we’re locally based, we can be responsive to our customers in a way other fuel providers just can’t be.

Get in touch with us today and join your neighbors in becoming part of the Dorr Oil and Propane family!

Assisting the Northshire Day School

Dorr Oil and Propane was proud to assist the Northshire Day School! This amazing non-profit childcare and early education center stayed open throughout the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic to watch after the children of essential workers.

Over a two month timeframe, we committed to donating $0.10 per gallon of our pump sales at our Manchester Center location, to raise more than $10,000 that we were able to donate towards an incredibly deserving organization.