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Heating Efficiency Tips For Your Home

We’ll help you save energy and money!

heating efficiency vermontRoute 7 is filled with leaf-peepers. The apples are picked. Flannel is now front-and-center in your closet. All of those are confirmation that autumn has returned to Vermont.

That means it’s time to be turning on the heat in your greater Manchester home. You may be dreading the energy bills that come with that. We understand that. Dorr Oil is a locally-based company. So we’re giving you a few tips to use now to make sure your home’s heating system is as efficient as possible, so you can save money on your energy bills.

Call Pemi River for your annual tune-up

Take good care of your investment in your home heating system with an annual tune-up from Dorr Oil. Our trained and experienced professionals will clean and assess your heating system so that it runs at peak efficiency, which helps you save money on energy bills! Annual tune-ups can also catch problems before they become costly repairs.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

In your annual tune-up, your thermostat should be inspected to ensure that it is calibrated accurately and running properly. If your thermostat isn’t up to snuff, take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade to a new programmable thermostat! It can help you save energy and money, as you can program it to keep your home at a cooler temperature while you’re out, and have it warm again by the time you return. You can even get a programmable thermostat that can be controlled through your smartphone.

Replace your heating system’s air filter

Dirty air filters let dirty air into your heating system. That dirt and dust can damage parts and shorten your heating system’s life. But there’s an easy fix: If you have a forced-air heating system, change your air filter every one to three months. Make it closer to one month is someone in your home has allergies or you have pets.

Block the drafts

Drafts in your home can add up to 15 percent to your energy bill. Where are drafts most common? The bases and edges of windows and doors. But there is an inexpensive and easy DIY solution. Weatherstripping and caulk can help reduce or eliminate drafts, keeping the warm air in your home and the cold air out.

Give warm air room to move

Heated air needs to circulate to keep a room warm. If it’s blocked, your furnace or boiler will have to work not only harder but for longer. That means you’ll be using more energy use and getting higher energy bills. Whether you have a forced-air register, radiator or baseboard heater, make sure the space around it is clear. Don’t let draperies block the registers, baseboard heaters or radiators. And don’t place furniture right up next to them.

Trust Dorr Oil for top-quality service of your home’s heating equipment, as well as prompt and professional delivery of heating oil and Contact us today to become a Dorr Oil customer!